April 17, 2012


5. David Tennant


David Tennant is an attractive man, but recently he has started resembling a skeleton with skin stretched over it. Obviously, a skull is basically a zygonauts dream man, so this is okay in theory, but whenever that Virgin advert comes on it makes me uncomfortable.

These pictures remind me of the glory days when every woman in the country was hypnotised by the glory of the cheekbones.

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April 6, 2012

Hi all you thousands of new followers! Welcome to the Zygonaut life!

…once again I have no idea where you’ve come from but this time I bring you EIGHT beautiful cheekbones! Adam Ant was probably on the beeb in the 80s LOADS so he totally counts. This was supposed to not be all about the Bandersnatch but you know, it happened.

(Can someone link me to where this blog has been mentioned? I wish tumblr had a tracker…)  I learned to google, a winrar is me!

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March 11, 2012

I’m curious as I haven’t updated this blog for 6 months due to grad school, but where are all you new followers coming from?!